10 March 2009

An Open Letter To The Lone Onion Ring In My Box of Burger King Fries

Dear Onion Ring,

Why are you here? Are you a stowaway? A promotional tactic? A bonus? Please respond.



Kirsten said...

It looks like your food is having an identity crisis. Just put him out of his misery.

HumorSmith said...

I've often wondered about that myself. Perhaps he's trying to escape and has absolutely no concept of where and what France actually is?

Sean Donland said...

What did it say?

I hope its a promotional tactic, because if they just let anything drop into the deep fryer...I mean an onion ring is fairly big, it doesn't even look like a french fry. You could spot the odd man out from fifty feet away. What I'm saying is, if they don't notice a white elephant like that falling into your food...what are you eating?

Margo said...

the fried food gods were smiling at you

Shawn said...

Kirsten: done and done.

Humorsmith: It is something of an epidemic. You could be on to something (or on something?)

Sean: It apparently cannot type letters. As to your other point: exactly. It's bad enough what we KNOW is in that food.

Margo: As they should. I've given them many offerings.

Matt said...

Such a happy moment when this happens. Like a free sampler platter...except that you probably paid for it.