15 March 2009

Curly The Dazed Cat (Who May or May Not Have Ever Lived In Egypt)

Hi there! I'm Curly the Dazed Cat! Welcome to the blog that I am takin' over!

Master would be all kinds of REAL MAD if he saw me in here type-type-typin away on his old ass computer!

Move it over!

Just like the time I did the bad stuff in the kitchen! OOOHHH, he was real mad and he puts me into the chester-drawers for a WEEK!

But I am a GOOD CAT, and my master knows it too! That's why he says he's a takin me to the CAT HOTEL for VACASHUN tomorrow!


He even said he was gonna give them an extra $20 to move me to the front of the line for the FUN GAS! I can't WAIT!


Jen said...

I haz a cat like that. Not too bright. Hope is a great vakashun

Heather Cherry said...

I has a blahg.

lilaphase said...

Oh, Curly -
I was going to invite you over to play with my cat Teddy . . . and the coyotes, but I guess your vacation will get in the way.

Curly the Dazed Cat said...

AT JEN: whaddya mean not too bright!?


AT LILAPHASE: I don't know "coyotes" What is?

dani c said...

Funny !!!

Steph said...

It's my evil cat's birthday today.
He has single handily destroyed a $1500 couch and weeks of work on a website.

Why do we love these evil little creatures??

Carl said...

My cat caught a mouse once in the past 16 years of her lifetime. She didn't know what to do with it. So she was playing with it at 2 in the morning. She used one of her paws like a baseball bat, and the poor little mouse was the ball. Off it flew in the air, my cat rushed over to the other side of the living room and caught it, and hit it again. I woke up because I kept hearing this annoying squealing sound. I rescued the mouse and let it go. And I looked at my cat sternly and said, "Dumbass."

Shawn said...

Oh Curly, why are you telling these people lies? About your "vacation" and that story about the fun gas. Come on!

On another note, Curly won't be able to respond to any more of your comments. She's, uh, visiting relatives up north.

lol, Steph and Carl.

Heather Cherry said...

@ Curly: goin 2 liv at farm in kuntry up norff not so grate akshully

Shawn said...


Manz said...

Gorgeous cat!!

Funny commentary :)