03 March 2009

Radio Commercials

I'm not fond of driving. I think the allure of getting behind the wheel lost its lustre after the third or fourth speeding ticket. But the police aren't the only ones stopping me from fully enjoying my driving experience. The radio shares the blame. No, not because of the terrible music (although ... yeah, that too), but because of the commercials.

May I just say one thing? It should be illegal to give out your company's phone number more than three times during any one radio spot. I was listening to one the other day--half of the commercial's 30 second length was spent giving out the phone number. Again. And again. And again. That's e-damn-nuff! Another thing that should be illegal? Putting traffic sounds such as sirens and car horns into your radio commercials. I'm tired of pulling over into the gravel just because there's some personal injury lawyer who discovered the soundboard.

It's illegal to listen to your iPod while driving, right? Too bad.


Knightmedic said...

The radio? who listens to the radio. Ready Harry...

Anonymous said...

lol!!! agreed 1000% on the traffic sounds. i thought i was getting pulled the damn over the other day.


Best Radio Commercials.com said...

I know where you are coming from. I create radio commercials for a living and NEVER put sirens or such sounds into the commercial. Not only does it make the listener tune out from the message of the commercial, but it can also make them slam on their brakes and possibly cause an accident.