12 February 2009

Greg Duberson's Valentines

Even the Shark Tank has to pay the bills somehow, so for today's entry I'm turning the wheel over to Greg Duberson. Duberson is the "undisputed king of Valentine's Day and also every holiday" and is here to tell you about some of the wonderful products he's selling this year. Take it away, Greg!

Greg Duberson's Valentines!!

All righty then there is some mighty fine good Valentine's stuff I've have to sell on this day for the specialty woman in life and you can be rest assured it will be the best Valentine's Day because these are some good stuff! Before I get to the GREAT ITEMS!! I have for sale at February 14th (aND BEFORE!) i have to say THANK YOU to Shawn Bryan and the SHARK TANK for letting me tell you all about my MERCHANDISE! Let's do this thing!!!


Because you're darling is the light of your life and she makes you have a heart on fire, here is a nice new lighter that you can give her to keep the flame burning! This lighter is only $2.00 which is a special price on account of the circumstances of the economy right now and everyone losing they're jobs. I cant feel good about sticking it to people who are just trying to get by--LIKE THE DUBMAN! They say this Obama is going to get us out of this mess and people will be going back to work pretty soon and I hope that's the truth because I voted for him and that should make the difference because this is AMERICA where the people speak! If you pay me an extra $1.00 I can draw a heart on the lighter which is with a permenet Sharpie and it wont come out just like your love for him or her will never die.


Wings of an angel is what your sweetie has on this VALETINE'S DAY!! Why not give her a gift that tells her that she is the bird of your life! I've only got three of these feathers in stock right now so it wouldnt be a good idea to wait around to the last minute if you've got your heart set on giving her the flight gift this day of special harmony between men and women! Some people have told me this feather came off a dove and wouldnt that be precious! A dove is the symbol of love for the earth and American soldiers too and Noah. $5.


Are you going to give your sweetie flowers or those chalky candy things this Valentine's Day or are you going to give her something she'll probably remember for a long time! If you want to give her something she'll be thinking about when the lights are off and she's trying to sleep but she can't because this gift is all she can think about: A LOCUST SHELL is what you need to buy! Only $6 gets you a premiem locust shell. RARE!


I don't really know about this one but i know that a lot of girls like plushy stuff so this is something they should LIKE ALSO! It costs $9.00 and I got it at the State Fair last year by winning the first prize in a game where you knock the bottles over with a ball. It got rained on because i left it in my van and the right passenger window wont go up all the day. That was the day it rained almost from the beginning of the day until the next afternoon. You might remember it because they were talking about it on channel 4. Anyway the doll is still good and it smells a little funny but you can just say thats the SMELL OF YOUR LOVE!

If you want to see all the things I have then I cant give it all away in this one commerical. Plus then you need to come out and see me and see for yourself all my good Valetine's Day suprises! If you do want to then just come out to the WAl-Mart on 43rd street in Orlando, FL, and then behind that Wal-Mart I've got a blue van and that's where I'm selling stuff for VALENTINE'S DAY! Bring your money because I cant accept any credit cards or checks or such.


Anonymous said...

I want that pikachu, but i dont wanna get raped, how should i go about this purchase from you?

Shawn Bryan said...

Excuse me, but Greg Duberson is a friend of mine as well as a paying sponsor of the Shark Tank. He is a good man, and his merchandise is as good as advertised. Having said that, I would advise visiting during daylight hours.