21 February 2009

The Strange World of Yahoo Answers

If ever you're tempted to look at the stimulus bill, the history of America, or just the faith you hold in your heart, and come to the conclusion that everything's going to turn out all right, a brief glance at Yahoo Answers will cure you. Like a freezing cold splash of water first thing in the morning, the utter insanity/stupidity presented in question after question will wake you up to the fact that things are only going to get worse. Here's some of the strangest questions from the past few days:

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Snow fetish? Elaborate game? How is this connected to languages?

Hello, police? I'm calling about my tip yesterday about seeing Osama Bin Laden in the library. Yes, this is seamomma. I'll hold.

Oh, and also: what's the best way to get flour out of denim?

Why not? It didn't hurt you, right?

OMG! Plz let her be "taught a lesson", plz omg ty.


Cal said...

I guess spelling is out.