28 February 2009

February's Strangest News Stories

Twin Escapes Justice Because Judge Doesn't Know Which One Is Guilty

It seems like something straight out of a Philip K. Dick short story, but this actually happened. Now, it happened in Malaysia, which almost doesn't count, but it still happened. At the same time, the charge was drug related, so perhaps neither of them should have been up for a hanging anyway. Again, though. Malaysia.

Saudi Judge Refuses to Annul 8-Year-Old's Marriage

American ally, in case you forgot.

Man Calls 911 Because Burger King Is Out of Lemonade

I can see calling if they were out of Whoppers, but lemonade?

Pair Charged After Eating Iguana, Posting Pictures on Facebook

An American couple vacationing in the Bahamas catches, and then eats an iguana. Posts the photos on Facebook, as people are wont to do. Only problem? It's illegal to post pictures on Facebook while in the Bahamas. No, wait. It's illegal to eat an iguana.

Man Claims Stephen King Killed John Lennon

Steven Lightfoot, which can only be assumed to be a fake name, made an ass out of himself at a Sarasota City Commission meeting, by claiming Stephen King was the true killer of John Lennon. This wasn't something Lightfoot dreamed up the night before. Not by a long shot. Need a healthy dose of insanity in your life? Head on over to his website, Lennonmurdertruth.com, for 8 years worth.


George said...

Now that's some strange ish.