25 February 2009

Five More Comics Al Sharpton Should Be Protesting

After being outraged at the NY Post for their now infamous "chimp shooting" cartoon published on February 18th (all right, that's not true. . .we're taking too much medication to experience "outrage". It was more like mild confusion), we at the Shark Tank decided to do something about it. No, we weren't going to go protest out in front of their New York City offices, but we would take a look at the daily comics and make sure there weren't any other wizards of wit who needed to be taken down a notch. To our great surprise (read: mild confusion, again), there were five. Read on, and weep for our racist country.

Cats With Hands

Excuse us, cats on the windowsill? How can that be published in a daily newspaper without an outcry from the very citizens who make the news happen? Is this a KKK edition? Now, the official line would doubtlessly be that this comic is satirizing the effects of the economy, but c'mon. They're clearly talking about the black poor here, and cats themselves are an age old symbol of Aryan dominance.


Wow, Shoe. You're going to go there, are you? Knowing that the digital switchover is likely to affect poor African-American households on a far greater basis than that of white homes. This cartoon actually doubles, as it is also taking a shot at our black President, who called for a delay in the digital switchover. That's two strikes, Shoe, do you want to go for three? How about the exaggerated noses on your characters? That's good, take a shot at the Jewish community while you're at it. Also, ducks are an age old symbol of Aryan wealth.

Frank and Ernest

In November of last year, blacks and whites united and elected a President who called to the poor, the overlooked, and the downtrodden, and made them believe that "Yes, we can." Here, Frank and Ernest twist that to make the empowering phrase akin to taking drugs. Drugs are almost as rampant in African-American communities as they are in the Shark Tank offices, Bob Thaves. Maybe you should check yourself before exposing America to any more of your racist drawings.

Rose is Rose

Well, it's not racist, but we just wanted to point out how singularly unfunny Rose is Rose continues to be.

Jump Start

Um, does the name Pavlov ring a bell? Black parents treating their children as dogs. This also feeds into the age old "Mammy" stereotype of a large black woman going to town on a triangle so that her slave masters can come get the fixins. Also, sweaters are an age old symbol of Aryan supremacy.

Join us next time on The Shark Tank, as we investigate the hidden racism in popular cold medicines, the BluRay format, and Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without U".