22 May 2010

The Fly and the Pig

The Fly and the Pig

One day, an angry fly was buzzing about outside a Red Lobster dumpster, looking for some rotting food within which to lay eggs. The fly was angry because hours earlier a homeless man had stolen most of the choice garbage, taking it home to his homeless family so they could eat one last day before succumbing to exposure. Incensed at this injustice, the fly alighted on the edge of the dumpster and rubbed its hands together furiously. A pig happened along and noticed the fly.

"What are you doing," the pig asked.

"I'm angry and I'm not to be trifled with," warned the fly.

"Why don't you tell me your problem so I can help you?" offered the pig.

"No, leave me alone, you don't know anything about the problems of a fly."

"Come on, I'm a friend and I'm very wise for a pig," he said graciously.

"Fine," the fly said.

The fly zoomed down and landed on the ground so it could speak to the pig more directly. Unbenownst to the fly, however, the pig hated flies and immediately crushed it under his hoof. A little bit of green fly guts squirted on to the side of the dumpster.

"And a merry ho-ho-ho," sang the pig as he went on his way.

Moral: Pigs are filthy, immoral creatures and should never be trusted under any circumstances.


Marissa said...

It sounds soooo familiar....

BTW - you're the only shark I trust. Or should I? (Please don't eat us!)

Agnes said...

Oh no -- that's mean!

Jeff said...

This is a true story, right? I mean, I know there's a hidden meaning and all but this sounds highly plausible to me. Of course, I have had a few beers.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Very true indeed. Wart hogs are no better.

foxy said...

Can you imagine the nerve of the homeless guy?? What a bastard!

Shawn said...

Marissa: The best fables should ring familiar. And yes, I am the only trustworthy shark for miles.

Agnes: It really was. But, a lesson was learned by all.

Jeff: Everything on this blog is certified true by the Independent Blogging Association.

Gorilla Bananas: That is a fact, thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Foxy: It was somewhat inconsiderate, when you think about it.

Quirkyloon said...

I like this pig.

I'd like him better as a pound of bacon. Skip the faux maple basting.

Bacon should taste like bacon, not maple syrup.

Plus syrup...it attracts too many flies!

George said...

I'll have to write that down. :)

Shawn said...

Quirky: Agreed on the syrup. I never really cared for meats that tasted sweet.

George: They are definitely words to live by.