07 June 2010

Whatever Comes To Mind

A lot of people are rightfully concerned about this oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. It doesn't seem like anyone has any great ideas about how to stop it. But here's what I'm wondering. Why hasn't anyone asked Superman to help? He's proven his ability to stop oil leaks (see Superman III). I'm really not sure why I have to be the one to think of these things.


Every time I read something about the Punch-Out series on Nintendo, someone has to bring up the fact that it is a game of pattern recognition. But it's not. It's a game about boxing.


I like to buy and use Cottonelle toilet paper. It's just the right mixture of softness and rigidity. However, even if I didn't really like it, I would probably still buy it just for the dog on the packaging. That is a happy, cute dog. I wonder what he's thinking sometimes. Do you think he uses Cottonelle? Does he eat poop?


Is there anything more embarrasing than singing a song out loud and your friends have to correct you on the lyrics? The other day, I was singing Billy Joel's "Piano Man". I always thought the lyrics were "La la da, la do da", but it turns out it's actually, "La la la, de de da". If I could have found a way to disappear at that moment, trust me, I would have.


I was looking for something to do the other day, and I saw an advertisement for the Florida Air Museum. I don't care how bored I get, I'm not going to a museum about air.


Just once I want to watch a movie with someone and have them turn to me and say, "Yeah, well, that was a hell of a lot better than the book."


Why in every container of McDonald's french fries is there that one, crispy dark fry that looks like an infected toenail?


Now that's gaming.


Anonymous said...

Superman was busted for snorting kryptonite. And yes that cute little doggy DOES eat his poop.

You're welcome.


obladi oblada said...

Okay, so I chuckled a little at the poop eating puppy. THEN I sprayed coffee on an important document when I lol'd at the Billy Joel lyric goof. Thanks a lot.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Good question about Superman. I suspect he stopped doing chores for humanity after some idiot made fun of his tights. Lois Lane can't find him either. Here is her blog.

Cassie said...

When you mentioned Punch-Out, I though of The Price Is Right.

I was way off.

Although, Bob had a good right hook in Happy Gilmore.

Jeff said...

The Pelican Brief was better in movie form. I'm not sure if that's because Grisham violated a rule of thriller writing (don't have the main character know something you don't know) or if it's just because that parking garage explosion looked better on the big screen than it did on the page. I hear some of his other books have pictures. I'm waiting for the The Firm in pop-up edition.

Shawn said...

Quirky: Well, if he just eats his own poop, I guess that's okay.

Obladi: Glad my humiliation can be of humor.

Eric: Very true, I didn't think of that. That really is a convenient ability.

Gorilla: Missing in action, eh? Oh well. What's Aquaman doing?

Cassie: Yeah, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, as it was once known. I've still never defeated Tyson to this day (or Bob Barker, for that matter).

Jeff: I never saw or read The Pelican Brief. I have the A Time to Kill coloring book, though.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

All dogs eat poop..its a fact.

One time, in high school, we were at a high school dance and a group of us were dancing to the GoGo's hit, "Our lips are sealed." my friend was rocking out, singing along, and when it came to the refrain, the part to sing,"our lips are sealed" she looked up, complete with hand motions and all and sang loudly, "I'm on the ceiling" which is exactly what she thought the lyrics were.

I'm sure after she realized why we were laughing so hard she would have liked to disappear too.

Marissa said...

An infected toenail also tastes like burnt french fry. Uh huh, that's what I heard.

Shawn said...

Candy: My dog doesn't eat poop. He eats caviar and lobster tail. Sometimes while on the ceiling.

Marissa: *shudder* No it doesn't.

George said...

I got quite a kick out of your weird, random thoughts. Now you've given me something to think about throughout the day.